We are back!!!

It finally happened…

One year to the day, we packed up our Kids and chickens and left Missouri.

We have been going back-and-forth between wanting to stay in our "Dreamhouse" or wanting to get more land, which would require us to purchase another house anyways. This back-and-forth thing has gone on for several months.

While our Missouri homestead offered so many things like: our massive garden boxes that brought us and the neighbors plenty of tomatoes year after year, building and rebuilding our first chicken coop, purchasing and preparing for chicks to bringing home our first chickens, trying to figure out what to do with 50lbs of sweet, purple plums (which resulted in new jams and cakes), and what homesteading means to us – we cannot wait to see what our new home(stead) will bring us.

Our Missouri home(stead) was small, within city limits and wouldn't legally allow us to have chickens, but we had great neighbors, amazing friends that supported us and a fresh foods right from the garden each day.