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And we are at it again!!

Because there's so much more than grape jelly. Charming. Cheerful. Cheese-compatible. Crazy combinations with fruit, booze and lots of LOVE.

The secret ingredient? Invention.

The other secret ingredient? Fun.

Once again we are on a delicious mission to bring unique flavors to every table in town.

Because Jam is one of life’s sweet simple pleasures, smothered on toast in the morning, on top of peanut butter in a sandwich,with some cheese on a cracker or used in recipes, there really is nothing better!

So whenever you’re looking for an inspired spread, a secret ingredient, or a midnight snack, Leddy's Homestead has your back. Come check out our new unique Flavors..

Such as Triple B, Sangria, Caipirinha, Apfel Courette, Maple Bourbonickles, Blazin' Bourbonberry, Raspberry Jalapeno and of course our new savory Bacon Jams!!!

(check our Calendar to see where you can find us)

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