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New Year Resolutions on the Homestead...

2017 was a great year on our homestead because it was the first year we were really, purposefully, homesteading. We had been talking about it for years, but 2017 was finally the year where we got serious about our desire to be more self-sufficient and really got our hands dirty learning everything we could. For 2018 we have so many resolutions and goals!

I think there is nothing better than having goals, for me they’re encouraging, plus… who doesn’t love crossing stuff off the list? 2018 is going to be a great year on our homestead we’ll be getting a few more chicks this spring, enjoying our fourth year of the raised garden beds, some of the younger trees should be producing this year and we plan to expand our product collection!

2018 is going to kick butt! Seriously, it’s gonna be a great year because we are going to make it great!

What are your goals/resolutions for 2018? Any big plans coming up? Don’t under-count those little goals either, because every step we take has a huge impact on our lives. We would love to hear about your resolutions.. leave us a comment in the section below!!!

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