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Merry Christmas from the Homestead

We wish we could send each and every one of you a real Christmas card, but since that would be rather difficult, We’ll stick to the virtual version instead.

We are staying close to the homestead this Christmas and are looking forward to having a quiet Christmas day with just the 10 of us. (Actually, there are over 30 of us if you count all the animals. But you know what we mean…)

Things on the homestead can get a little crazy this time of year, between getting our planter beds ready for the new season before the ground freezes and shopping like a mad lady to gather all the gifts before Santa makes his grand appearance...

This season we are decorating our coop with garlands laced with

cranberries, nuts, Brussels sprouts, Tomatoes and apples to let our ladies enjoy a tasty Christmas treat while we spend the day enjoying family and friends with a nice hot mug of Glühwein.

Tree decorating is always a fun experience since everybody wants to help.. and if i say everybody, i mean everybody! With some adjustments we got everything finished up and we are super excited to spend time with our loved ones and discuss new creative flavor combinations for our upcoming Spring Jam collection.

We thank you all for the wonderful support you guys have shown us throughout this year and we hope your holidays are filled with family, friends, fellowship, and good food (as we hope you are enjoying some of our wonderful Jams).

Perhaps you’ll be enjoying a large gathering, or maybe just a quiet, personal celebration, but regardless, don’t let the real reason for the season be lost among all of the holiday trimmings.

And don't forget..

One of the real Joys of the Holiday Season is the opportunity to say

Thank You and wish everyone the very best for the new year. Merry Christmas

Leddy's Homestead


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