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Ways to Support 

Leddy's Homestead is a private organization and does not receive government support or special funding.  100% of the support that we receive is given by someone like you who cares.

Although visitors pay an admission fee, only a small amount of that money goes to help the animals. Hosting the public for educational purposes is a very expensive proposition.  Bathrooms, parking lots, walkways, check-in associates, liability insurance and countless other items associated with being open for visitation cost a lot - so the entrance fees we collect go directly toward offsetting these expenses.


Only the donations that people give us directly, go to the animals to help them recover, improve enclosures, add new attractions and educational classes for the children. 

There are many ways to support our mission…so we hope one or more of the items listed below is attractive to you!

Make a Donation 

You are one of the special people who know that farm animals are individuals who deserve our compassion. And that children deserve to be educated about the benefits of eating fresh and growing their own food. Every time you support Leddy's Homestead, you shine the light of your kindness into the lives of these families. You speak up for a better and more compassionate way of life.

All of Leddy's Homestead educational programs, many of the special events and daily activities on site are made possible through the support group and donations like yours.


Leddy's Homestead

533 County Road 2980 Alba, Texas 75410


Make a difference in an Animal's life!  Leddy's Homestead residents are in need of loving “parents” to sponsor their monthly feed, shelter, and veterinary care. 

As an Adopt a Resident parent, you’ll receive a digital certificate (and an optional printed certificate) featuring your animal friend, and access to periodic updates about your adoptee.

Sponsoring a Resident for a friend or family member is a unique way to spread compassion and awareness with others. Just give us the shipping information for your gift recipient, and we’ll take care of the rest! Your gift recipient will receive the adoption certificate. 

The following three adoption package sizes describe the benefits and cost to new adoptive parents.

Large Animal Adoption 

• A beautiful frameable photograph of your adopted animal
• A frameable Adoption Certificate, including your animal’s story and a photo
• Cost: $30/monthly or $360/yearly 

Medium Animal Adoption 

• A beautiful frameable photograph of your adopted animal
• A frameable Adoption Certificate, including your animal’s story and a photo
• Cost: $20/monthly or $240/yearly 

Small Animal Adoption 

• A beautiful frameable photograph of your adopted animal
• A frameable Adoption Certificate, including your animal’s story and a photo
• Cost: $10/monthly or $120/yearly 




Fundraise for the Homestead

Leddy's Homestead is funded primarily by individual donations from caring people like you…and we are extremely grateful for your faith in our mission.  Building a partnership with you is the only way our work is possible. 

Many people want to help by doing your own kind of special fundraiser… and we’re thrilled that you are willing and able to help our animals!  Doing these sorts of events not only helps raise money for the educational programs, it also increases awareness about our mission. 

We’ve listed below some ideas that have worked well for businesses, organizations, school groups, scouts, and individuals in the past. 

- Create your own fundraiser on social media

- Photography Sales

- Bake Sales

- Car wash

- Businesses that adopt an animal

- Online Businesses special promotions 

- Silent Auction


As a precautionary measure due to COVID-19 concerns, we are temporarily suspending public programs and events at Leddy's Homestead for the remainder of the 2022 season. This includes all tours, visitors, accommodations, and volunteer opportunities.
Leddy's Homestead is always looking for volunteers who are interested in helping with Visitor Services which include giving our 45-minute guided tour, greeting and orienting visitors as they enter the Visitor Center, and helping to conduct our educational programming for visiting school groups. Volunteers can also help with daily projects such as tending to the orchards, feeding, cleaning enclosures, collecting eggs and many more. Please check back frequently for Volunteer opportunities.
We thrive to accommodate everyone's special needs. Farm animals are known to be especially beneficial for children and adults with unique handicaps. 


Thank you for wanting to help the animals!  The items listed below are some of the things we use for animal care and other programs.

For large items such as building supplies or trees, please call first to make arrangements for delivery or pickup.

Animal snacks

  • Apples, pears, plums, papaya

  • Berries (any kind), grapes, cherries

  • Melons (any kind)

  • Carrots, cucumbers, pumpkins and vegetables (no artichokes or potatoes)

  • Animal crackers (no frosting!)

  • Animal Feed, whole corn, hen scratch, sunflower seeds, horse quality hay

  • Livestock treats.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar

Office, Welcome Center and Volunteer Program

  • Clear packing tape rolls (to go on tape guns)

  • Post-it notes.

  • Printer Paper ​and Ink (call to verify!)

  • Stamps

  • Paper towels

  • Tissues

  • Toilet paper (2-ply, large rolls)

  • Clorox wipes

  • Lysol disinfectant spray (aerosol)

  • Bottled water (cases)



  • Amazon gift cards

  • Home Depot, Lowes or Tractor Supply gift cards

  • Nursery gift cards (Bob wells, Stark Bros, One green world)

  • Heavy-duty garden hoses and nozzles

  • Rubbermaid tubs with lids (large sizes, new)  

  • Pine Shavings


Building and Landscaping Materials

  • Concrete (bags)

  • Screws (all Sizes) 

  • Lumber (2x4s and 4x4s)

  • Plywood

  • Shovels, metal rakes, work gloves (new)
  • Trees (fruit trees, maples)

  • Edible Plants and Berry Shrubs (certain types – please ask!)

  • Flowering shrubs, bulbs (certain types – please ask!)

  • Wood chips for landscaping and habitats, soil, manure, hay, mulch

  • T Posts and wired field fencing

  • Gravel for walkways  

  • 1 1/2 PVC line 20' sections

See Leddy's Homestead Wish List Online at

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