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Welcome to Leddy's Homestead

Leddy's Homestead was founded in 2017 by Denise Leddy. My Family and I believe in good food sourced from our homegrown fruits and vegetables and served in unique, well–prepared Jellies and other homemade goods as well as help inspire a new generation of homesteaders.

Our mission is to serve our customers with locally grown, nourishing and sustainable foods. We support healthful eating habits with nutrient-dense crops, cooking classes and events. Our fresh, fragrant flowers also have a place at the table, as nourishment for the senses and soul. Gather around and experience the best the season has to offer or bond with the amazing animals and break the Stress from city living for a while. 

Meet our Family

Leddy Family
Denise Leddy riding a horse
Aaron and Denise Leddy
Aaron Leddy
Tristan Leddy
Gabriel Leddy holding Rosco
Samuel Leddy and Sparkles
Luca Leddy climbing a tree
Oma Ute and Vivian

Hey. I'm Denise.


I'm a wife, mom of four, struggling gardener, baking fanatic, and lover of homesteading.

I'm a bit of a weirdo compared to the rest of my generation, but that doesn't bother me a bit. I believe in hard work, making mistakes, personal responsibility, thinking for yourself, and getting dirt under your fingernails.

I wasn’t raised a homesteader, neither was Aaron. Heck, we didn’t even grow up in the country. Both of us had a very conventional childhood.

As I grew up, I had zero expectations to live anything but the standard  life: get married, have 2 kids, work a standard 9-5 job, eat food from the grocery store, and hope we had enough money to do it all again the following month.


We lived that life for the first couple years of our marriage.

But as a young Family, we decided we were going to do life differently. And that’s when we started to kick down the box we'd lived in for so long and developed a passion for growing our own foods. 


We farm to provide our family with as much homegrown food as possible – learning the ways of the land and the ways of the past. We preserve food, stock up the shelves for winter, and are ever working towards growing more. We wanted our children to grow up with animals and the knowledge to homestead and grow vegetables. 

Not too long after starting our own homesteading journey, we discovered we weren't the only one dreaming about unique Jellies and homemade breads. So, we started expanding our garden and fruit tree variety, offered more products and advice to the ones that wanted to learn. 

Howdy. I'm Aaron.

I became fascinated by woodworking at a young age, learning woodworking skills and tricks from my dad. I initially began with small projects for the wifey (gotta love them Pinterest pictures!) and slowly upgraded to building things around the house to now large Coops and Barns for our animals. I enjoy the challenge of learning new ways to accomplish a task I am working on. Woodworking has become part of my therapy. To keep myself grounded I enjoy walking in the woods and spend time by the pond meditating. I strongly believe NATURE is the best medicine!

Other than building things, I also have a passion for fresh foods, so I became the Homestead tester for new sauces and jams most the time, which I don't mind because they are very yummy! Well unless my lovely wife is trying to feed me the fruits, I am allergic to.

Hey there. I'm Tristan.

I love living on a homestead, because it makes me happy to be around the animals. If you spend time with them, they soon will get used to you and let you pet and snuggle them. My favorites are the Blue laced Red Wyandettes. They are super pretty to look at and their feathers almost have a metallic look to them. 

I help with the animals a lot but I refuse to pull weeds. Mom is not happy about that but so be it she'll live! (I have a feeling I am getting myself in trouble with this comment) 


Hello. I'm Gabe.

I think my favorite thing about living on a farm, is being around the animals. They are very therapeutic and give comfort. I am super excited for our first event and the opportunity to show other children how to care for an animal... or maybe milk a goat!!


I am very athletic so of course I also enjoy climbing the trees and exploring the backside of the land. My favorite fruit to grow is watermelon. And I cant hardly wait for them to be ripe enough to snack on or make Jams out of. From all the Jams my mom makes I think the one I look forward to the most is the Christmas one though. It literally tastes like Christmas! 



What's up. I'm Sam.

If you're looking for me on the homestead you will probably find me at the pond with my pup Sparkle. I got her 3 years ago and she has been the best! I enjoy working out and became my mom's helper when it comes to carrying feedbags. Since I am 14 now my dad lets me help in the shop and use his power tools, I like that a lot! I love being around the animals, especially the Goats because they are fluffy, cute and make me laugh.

I am happy my mom and dad started this Homestead journey and let me be part of it! 





Welcome. I'm Luca.

I am one of the youngest and a bit of a troublemaker. I love going on adventures with our dogs. My favorite season is summer because I like smelling the lilac bushes and playing by the pond. Aaannddd… the tasty grapes! I like getting up super early so I can snack on them before my brothers get a chance. 

I think the chickens are cute and fun to watch. And their eggs are better and tastier than the ones we used to buy in the store. But I like the goats too because they are as silly as me.

Merry meet. I am Malakai.

I am the newest member of the Leddy Bunch. I don't know yet which my favorite animal or my favorite fruit is as I am still exploring and learning about all of it. But i do enjoy going for walks with my mommy and riding the tractor with my dad. I even got to touch a horse, but I wasn't too sure if I liked it. It sure was very large compared to me and I got a bit scared. Maybe next time i will touch a smaller animal first, a goat or pig maybe! 

Guten Tag. I'm Oma Ute.

I am Denise's Mom. You might recognize me from the labels on some of the Jams. I am the knowledge behind the authenticity of Omas Originals. I was born and raised in Germany, the life there is a bit different so at first, I thought they had gone mad when Aaron and Denise told me about the homesteading idea. After visiting the farm a few times and meeting all the animals I am convinced, and I wouldn't want life any other way. I hope ya'll can make it out one day and meet my Nigerian Dwarf Doe 'Vivian"!

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