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The threated Taste Test was a success....


oh my, Page my 15 year old lady of a dog missing front teeth and all, ate the dog treat. Let me just start by saying she never and I mean NEVER eats any treats she normally just sniffs at it and walks away without even a taste test. She is by far the pickiest dog on the face of the planet!!

So I take out the dog treat tell her in a real nice kiddy like voice " Pagey look I have a dog treat for you...homemade... just at least smell it for me". She slowly meanders over like most old ladies do I mean let's face it she is what 105 in dog years!!

She sniffs it, then begins to walk away then comes back grabs it out of my hand and well lol because she has like one front tooth left it drops to the floor and she immediately finds it, gently picks it up and CHOMP just like that she eats it!!

At this point I am literally amazed because this literally never happens!! So I am super thrilled she approves of our doggie treats!!

Then there is Molly, our now stubborn teenage pup that thinks she is a vegetarian. I mean she is not going to tell you no to a piece of bacon but she sure loves her fresh carrots and bananas.

Who would've thought you need to supervise a puppy around the garden cuz she would eat your harvest... not this gal!!

Well lets just say she approved of the banana-oat meal treats we recently made.

So I guess that means the treats are a winner!

Enough with the blogging for today we have to go back to the kitchen and make some more Puppy snacks since those two are literally begging for more.

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