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Jam time is upon us...

Since we finally discovered the first fruits peaking through the toothed edges of our Strawberry leaves. There is an instant thought crossing our minds

- JAM TIME!!! -

So off we go with our baskets, kinda looking like red riding hood minus the hood, picking all Strawberries we can find. On the way back to the kitchen, Baskets full, we pass by the brightly colored raspberries and eagerly start plucking away not to realize we are now overflowing with berries. BIGGER BUCKET NOW! Needless to say we now have an abundance of berries and off to the wash station we go. Lucky for us we have many little helpers that we can put to work!!

What to do... what to do... we feel an amazing berry jam coming on!! Everything in the pot but not before collecting all the ripe currants to add a bit of tart to the bubbly mix. The amazingly sweet aroma fills the kitchen and that brings out all the little hands to try to come steal freshly picked berries. We let it cook down but not before getting out our taste testing spoons....YUMM! Of course secondary taste testing is required for such a delicious jam!


Try it for yourselves, It's Very Berry!

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