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Let's take out the boxing gloves!

I know I know Leddy's Bar Fight Jam sounds a bit strange but let us tell you why...

So on a nice summer evening, there is us sitting on the porch starring at the Jalapenos still hanging ready to be harvest pondering "what can we do with these?"

Thinking back to a comment we kept hearing from our lovely hubbys, that "you never make manly jams" .... yupp we had the same HUH Face as you probably have right now...

Onto the drawing board and LEDDY'S BAR FIGHT was born!

Let's just say don't forget to wa your hands thoroughly after chopping jalapenos... Denise learned the hard way after rubbing her eyeball... man that burned. I am still debating if they were tears of Joy to see me or tears of Jalapeno burn. Well lets go with the first one hahahaha! After a good eye wash and sight returning... everything in the pot!

Immediately the jalapeno berry mix fills the air with a fiery sweet aroma and we know its gonna be amazing!

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