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Not Your Average Dog Biscuit!

Since pets are no longer considered property; they are now regarded as part of the family we decided to offer a special treat for them as well. That's why we bake our puppy treats as if we are baking for family. Since every dog is different we offer a verity of different fruits and vegetables that changes with the season, depending on what we grow at the moment. You will never find any flavor enhancers or dyes in our treats.

Absolutely nothing that is in the treats are harmful to them or you, so if you ever need a snack and have none handy, feel free to share lol

(off the record i did and it reminded me of a dry granola bar)

The thought of something harming our own furbabies was very frightening. So the idea of baking treats that contain all-natural, human-grade ingredients that are safe for dogs became very important to us. We bake treats for our clients just like we were baking treats for our canine children, Molly and Page

Due to the perishable nature of our products we don’t offer an exchange program. If there is a problem with the product, we will gladly replace it for you or offer you a credit towards another product.

Kindly call 816-539-0280 within 48 hrs. of receipt of goods

Most importantly...

..if you & your pet are satisfied with our products, we encourage you to tell your friends, family members, & anyone else you know who has furbabies!

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