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Trees are here...

Since we cut down the huge black Walnut trees in February

i now have a large area to plant more trees at *big grin* so it has been decided we are going with a wide variety of plum trees, another apple and some cherries. Not like we have a bunch already but it seems like we never have enough for all the goodies we want to make.

Well today is the day we have been waiting for for several months. The trees finally got here and are ready to plant. Talking about excitement lol Christmas morning is nothing compared to it. The only hard question would be where to put which tree. Believe it or not but there is a list on my desk showing an exact sketch on the whole yard and little paper pieces that get placed on the little X's which represent the open spots for new plants.

You might think i am weird but i am totally okay with that. I plan my plant order after pollination and time off harvest. It just makes it so much easier.

Well enough talk about planting trees, you are probably not here to read about plants but about the newest plans of our homemade goods.

So *drumroll* i found the most amazing tree and i am very excited about it.

When i was a little girl back home in Germany i remember walking home from school and i had to pass by this massive yellow mirabelle plum tree. Its fruit was amazingly sweet and the highlight of every afternoon. So imagine my excitement when i stumbled over this great website that sold one!!!

And yes you are guessing right, it is in my yard now!!!

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