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The wait has an end.. Spring is here!!!

Today was the perfect day to take a little walk around the yard and admire the beautiful fruit trees in bloom. A warm sunny spring day gives us the perfect opportunity to plan out the vegetable garden and tent to the berry bushes.

One of my favorite things about spring are all the little animals being born. Just driving through the neighboring towns you see little goats, ducks, chicks, little calves. If you get lucky, like us you even find a nest or two in your Trees.

We got lucky this spring and a mamma Robin decided to build her nest and raise her young in our Toka plum tree which turned out to be quite the entertainment for the kids.

Another spring favorite of ours, not so much the husbands, is the plant shopping. What we don't grow from seed we get at the local plant nursery (Windy Ridge) and let me tell you they have a great assortment of vegetable plants. My personal favorite is the tomato plants.

Unfortunately i go overboard every year and end up with a ton of tomatoes which my neighbors benefit from as well.

I would like to share one of my favorite spring quotes with y'all ....

"The day the Lord created Hope was probably the same day he created Spring" -Bern Williams

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