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Unfortunately due to the ongoing pandemic Leddy's Homestead will remain closed until further notice!  

We are in the office Monday - Saturday throughout the year. If you want to schedule a private tour (under 6 people) please contact us via social media, phone or email. 


We can't thank you enough for your support this year and we hope you will come back to visit us in the near future. 


Are you looking to support  a healthier, more authentic, more sustainable way of life for our future farmers, families and communities? 

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Leddy's Homestead  is a 23+ acre working farm located in the eastern part of Texas, family-owned and operated by the Leddy Family. We offer activities for children of all ages and adult guests. We love having visitors and we hope you will visit with us this year. No admission is charged to visit our Homestead! (Guided tour fees apply.)

Have you ever listened to a Kindergartener explain how watermelons grow on trees or chicken eggs magically appear in the grocery store? So have we! And the lack of knowledge is heartbreaking.

That's why my family and I have decided years ago to give back to our community and start a homestead.That let's children experience hands-on how their food is grown, and taste the difference between homegrown and store bought. 

After we discharged from the military in 2014 we began our journey with an 1/2 acre of land in Missouri. We spent 4 years growing a variety of fruits and vegetables and enjoyed donating to the local foodbank and elderly neighbors. Unfortunately for us we soon found out that the cold Missouri winters took a toll on my husband who is a disabled veteran and decided to move to a warmer climate. 

We are now in Texas and own 23 acres, and we are ready to continue our mission and start again with even bigger goals and projects. We are inviting YOU to be part of our journey.

At Leddy's Homestead, we seek to help children and communities to understand the importance of growing gardens and the benefits of fresh produce. Children in today's world grow up with too many frozen dinners and fast foods. That's why we are creating an educational family homestead to bring back the value and knowledge of fresh eating and healthy living; but we still have a lot to accomplish.

We need your support to establish our fruit tree orchard "Obstkorb" (which translated means Fruit basket in German), build more enclosures to add animals and attractions for children to enjoy.

Would you consider donating  to help us achieve our mission?

We would be happy to provide you with more information about how you or your company can help us grow.

Please contact us at 903-913-6444 or if you have any questions.

Your donation, will be used to establish the fruit tree orchard, new enclosures or attractions for children to learn about agriculture, eating healthy and raising livestock. 

 - Please join us! With your help, we’re one step closer to fulfilling our mission to serve the community and educate our children about a healthier way of life!

Leddy's Homestead
533 Country Road 2980 |

ALBA, TX 75410
Phone: 903-500-8284

Educational Homestead & Environmental Tours and Events, Greenhouses, Produce Picking, Farm Animals, Nature Trails and Much More

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