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Everybody loves Bacon!!!

We've been asked how and where to use our new drunken pig Jam,

which featured a sweet and savory mix of amazing flavors. There are so many different ways to incorporate Bacon Jam into your regular recipes and cooking.

Get creative and see what you come up with (and share your ideas with us in the comments section below).

To inspire you, here are some ideas on how to use Bacon Jam:

  • make your standard grilled cheese sandwich, but spread some Bacon Jam on the inside of one of the slices of bread before you grill it

  • put a dab of Bacon Jam on a cracker with a slice of old cheese

  • love BLTs? Make this classic sandwich but substitute Bacon Jam for the strips of bacon

  • Bacon Jam is a great condiment on a burger. Spread on a toasted bun, add your homemade burger and cheese, and top with a little arugula or lettuce.

  • stir Bacon Jam into your mashed potatoes or top your baked potatoes.

  • Mix it with ground meat for an amazing meatloaf

  • Stir in with scrambled eggs for a ready-made bacon and eggs

  • Tossed with roasted little potatoes

  • Substitute bacon jam for tomato sauce on your thin-crust pizza and top it with mozzarella or ricotta cheese and arugula.

Enjoy! Now tell me how you’ve used Bacon Jam in your cooking.

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