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Village Houses
Glamorous Tent

Our cute odd-looking cottages are made of cob, a traditional building material composed of sand, clay, and straw that has recently been rediscovered by advocates of sustainable living. 

Friendly farm animals, wooded hiking trails, and fish-laden waters offer both the novice and experienced outdoors lover physical challenge as well as relaxation. Guests often see our free-range animals as they experience the homestead. Bird watching is also a favorite pastime.

The community pond house comes equipped with a full kitchen, spacious outdoor living area, roomy bathrooms, ideal for a family reunion or conference meeting. It also has one attached bedroom with a double bed.

All cabins have a small sitting area inside and outside, as well as a morning nook and spacious sleeping chambers. 

Our mission is to provide military veterans a quiet and peaceful place to rest, relax and renew. Once a month we host a free family getaway to a military veteran -with service-related disability. Service dogs are welcome.

-Stay 3 days and 2 nights. Enjoy hiking, fishing and campfires. Bring family and relax in our unique cottages right under the starry skies of Texas. Disabled veterans ONLY. For more information about the veteran getaways or to apply please contact us or check the FAQ's.


This Program is completely funded by your generous donations. 

Your support will enable us to support our Veterans and continue operations. Donate to sponsor a military family for a weekend. We are very grateful for your generosity.

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